Ultralight Flight

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  •   Destination: Nepal
  •   Trip Grade: Easy
  •   Departure from: Kathmandu,Nepal
  •   Arrival on: kathmandu,Nepal

Trip Introduction

Ultralight flight is another adventure activity that provides you an opportunity to get the heavenly taste of the Natural beauty of places within a short period of time. It will not only fulfill one’s imagination of flying through the clouds but also provides a rare and rewarding experience of views such as mountains, scenic lakes and more. For those who wish to fly like a bird viewing the mystic sights, the ultralight flight is the best option for you.


Ultralight flight comes in different packages such as for 15, 30, 60 & 90 minutes flight with the sunrise to sunset views. It provides a view with the unique blend of mountain and plateau area. This flight is usually offered for sightseeing purpose around Pokhara Valley. It operates from Pokhara airport. The trip covers an area around the valley according to the package selected namely, fly for fun (open aircraft), Glory of Mt. Fishtail (open and closed both), Moutain sky trek and In heart of Himalaya. These packages cover different areas of different altitude.


Safety is taken highly into consideration in such flights. Whether plays an important role in the operation of the flights. There are no other passengers with you, which give you an opportunity to get distracted from what you see. It is truly blissful flights where you can fly pass the remote mountain villages with ample time to enjoy the sights deeper and closer to the Himalayan giants with spectacular views of monasteries, lakes, hills and more. Enjoy this breathtaking experience with our expert individuals and guides from Asian Alpine Treks and Expedition.

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