Bungee Jumping

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  •   Destination: Nepal
  •  Activities: Bungee Jumping
  •   Trip Grade: Easy
  •   Departure from: Kathmandu, Nepal
  •   Arrival on: kathmandu,Nepal
  •  Max Attitude: 1,300m/4,264ft
  •  Group size: 1-12 peoples
  •  Best Seasons: All Season

Trip Introduction

Bungee jumping is an adventure sport where you get to experience the heart-pounding thrill of jumping off an extension bridge. Usually, this sport is carried out above the river canyon and definitely requires courage, as the adrenaline rush is intense in such sports.

In Nepal, there are a number of spots for carrying out the bungee jumping such as Tatopani and resort city in Pokhara, which are operated by some experienced jump masters in the business. The bungee jump in Tatopani is carried out over a suspension bridge of 166 m over the ragging Bhote Koshi River. These destinations attract tens and thousands for jumpers every year.


Confront this breathtaking experience with our expert individuals and guides from Asian Alpine Treks and Expedition. The surroundings along the bungee jumping areas are mesmerizing and thus is done in a Natural environment in Nepal, unlike in other countries.


In a typical bungee jump, all the loose items are removed from the body and weight is calculated along with surveying your health conditions, then the bungee rope is tied around the jumper. After this, you are placed on the bungee platform and finally, you jump. Safety precautions are well handled by the professionals in such adventure sports. However, the health survey must be completed truthfully in order to avoid unwanted accidents due to one’s health condition. The bungee agency, however, takes the safety as the utmost priority. Experience this spectacular bungee jump experience in Nepal with the galvanizing experience of bungee jumping.

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